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Sunset view of Santorini village, Greece

2 Día(s) 1 Noche(s)

There are countless sunset cruises from which you can enjoy the magnificent sunset Santorini is so famous for. Usually beginning in the afternoon,…

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Hot air balloons floating above Mexican land


The sun was just starting to appear from behind the mountains of the Valley of Teotihuacan, northeast of Mexico City, as flames were…

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Venice Beach

3 Día(s) 2 Noche(s)

No visit to Los Angeles is complete without a trip to Venice Beach. Its canals and beaches are spectacular, but the biggest hit…

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Around the World with Motorcycle and Camera

10 Día(s) 9 Noche(s)

While that may be good for news, it’s the kind of grind that hardly leaves little time to get to know a place….


Japanese martial arts


The usage of term budō to mean martial arts is a modern one and historically the term meant a way of life encompassing…


Exploring the Wonders of Abu Dhabi

4 Día(s) 3 Noche(s)

After what seemed liked a forever spell of long dreary nights and grey skies, a week somewhere hot and sunny was desperately needed….

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Winter Tour and Detour in the Magical Iceland

7 Día(s) 6 Noche(s)

Travel to West and South Iceland in the Winter Wonders and Delicious Detours road trip. See a great array of contrasting landscapes with…